Professor Michael Nicholas


Professor Michael Nicholas is a Clinical Psychologist and the Director of Pain Education at the Pain Management Research Institute, Faculty of Medicine and Health (Northern) where he directs post-graduate courses in pain management for all health disciplines. He also directs several multidisciplinary pain management programs at the Royal North Shore Hospital. Since he started working in this field in 1980, he has established a national and international reputation for his work across a range of pain topics. He has over 250 publications on pain assessment and management. His current research interests include the self-management of chronic pain in both the adult and older adult populations, adherence to self-management strategies by people with chronic pain, and early psychosocial interventions to prevent long-term disability in injured workers. In the last 10 years he has been actively engaged in training health workers of all disciplines in the provision of pain self-management training for people with chronic pain in rural and low resource settings, as well as for those working in the CALD communities.

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