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Dr. Jane Lonie


Dr. Lonie completed an undergraduate psychology honours degree and a Clinical Neuropsychology Masters degree at Macquarie University in 1999. She moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, shortly after, where she worked as a Clinical Neuropsychologist for over 10 years, initially within the Lothian Memory Treatment Clinic and latterly at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.  Within this capacity Dr. Lonie provided specialist early and differential diagnostic assessment services to adult and older adult patients with cognitive impairment and lecture input to a number of under- and post-graduate Psychology and Psychiatry courses affiliated with the University of Edinburgh.  In 2010 She completed a PhD with the University of Edinburgh’s Department of Psychiatry, investigating neurocognitive markers of early and pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease.


In addition to working in a private consulting capacity, Dr. Lonie is a co-founding member of the Capability and Capacity clinic at MQ Health, a multidisciplinary clinic offering co-seated legal and medical advice in capacity matters. Dr Lonie is author of a numerous peer reviewed journal articles and abstracts  (recently within the Australian Bar Review 2017; Journal of Law and Psychiatry and Elder Law Review) and retains a keen and active interest in neuropsychological assessment and dementia research. During her career, Dr Lonie has provided specialist Neuropsychological assessments and reports for in excess of 3,500 patients.  She is a regular provider of medical evidence in matters of legal capacity to The Supreme Court of NSW and NCAT.